During 30 years as an executive and consultant, Mitch Rosenberg has been involved with a wide range of business, management and workplace issues. “I’ve dealt with everything from unethical, immoral or fraudulent executives behavior to personal hygiene issues and everything in between,” said Rosenberg, the founder of Workplace Confidential. Rosenberg provides crisp, compelling, often counter-intuitive insight whether he’s providing commentary on the hot business topic of the day or long-term trends.

News Releases

“National Consultant Launches Web site for C-Level Executives: A One-Stop Source for Managing Today's Evolving Workplace.” Nov. 2, 2009

Media Coverage

OC Metro/ “It’s OK To Mind Your Own Business…”  January 2011

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Chief Executive. “Bolstering Faltering CEO Reputation”  Nov/Dec, 2009
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OC Metro Business Magazine. “Workplace Confidential launches in Laguna Beach; International consultant creates one-stop resource-management Web site for C-level executives.”  Nov. 9, 2009
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Coastline Pilot. “Consultant Launches Business Web Site.” Nov. 5, 2009
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Counselor Magazine. “The Recession is Over. Are You Ready for a Rebound?” November 2009.
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Laguna Beach Independent. “Consultant Offers MBA 101 Online.” Nov. 13, 2009
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