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Mitch Rosenberg
   Mitch Rosenberg

ABOUT MITCH Organizational psychologist Mitch Rosenberg, Ph.D., understands that today’s workplace provides unique and distinct challenges to the entire spectrum within organizations from employees and managers to top executives and boards.

Before starting his own consulting practice, Rosenberg was the CEO of an international investment firm. In addition, he spent over 20 years working in operational management, human resources and organizational development. He has delivered keynote addresses at many national conferences.

WORKPLACE CONFIDENTIAL is specifically designed for leaders searching for tomorrow’s solutions for today’s workplace challenges. Mitch Rosenberg, Ph.D., provides organizational leaders with direct and innovative strategies designed to deliver high performance and exceptional results in the current challenging national and global economic climate.

He understands that organizations must re-evaluate the fundamentals by which they operate to deal with today’s rapid changes and evolving business landscape. With experience honed from three decades as an executive and consultant, Mitch Rosenberg provides a unique and refreshing approach to individual and organizational issues which inhibit most organizations from fully maximizing their potential.